California Home Goods Large Ice Cube Tray

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Don't Dilute the Quality of Perfection... Alcohol is expensive.

That is because premium ingredients were cultivated and aged for some time to make the right blend and yield a perfect taste. You don't want to totally ruin that by watering your beverage down.

California Home Good's 2" square ice cube tray is designed to keep your drinks chilled and make your party even cooler. Whether you're entertaining guests or looking to spruce up your whiskey collection, our ice cube trays are the perfect addition to any home & kitchen.

Science Keeps Your Drinks Cold and Your Guests Impressed

Our specially designed 2" ice cubes cover more surface area and melt slower, cooling your drink faster and keeping it like that longer. Each cube lasts up to 3 hours!

Become the Life of the Party Get creative and go beyond ice. Our trays are made of high-quality, durable and flavor-free silicone, making it perfect for freezing others juices and drinks like lemonade, tea and wine. You can also freeze fruit or other foods, suspended in an ice cube for flavored ice.

Backed by our lifetime guarantee.

If you ever have any issue with an ice tray from California Home Goods, we'll replace it, free of charge and no questions asked. So go ahead and click 'Add to Cart' and start enjoying the cool and classy life.