At California Home Goods, we aim to provide customers with the best quality essentials at a great price.  Our California Home Goods Giara Bottles feature incredibly high-quality, elegant long-neck glass bottles perfect for any avid homebrewing hobbyist or kitchinista. Whether making your own kefir, craft beer, kombucha, soda, or even water, our bottles make it easy to store your beverages, oils and so much more.

Each bottle comes with its own reusable and easy-to-remove fliptop cap so that you can reuse your bottle over and over again. 

Item Specifications:

  • 33.75 Fluid Ounce Capacity per Bottle

  • Flip Top Caps for Each Individual Bottle

  • 12" Tall x 3" in Diameter

  • Get four (4) Glass Giara Bottles in one pack

These swing top bottles are the perfect gift to give you friends and loved ones! Give them away as presents for housewarming parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and more! Make your life easier with functional and charming clear flip top bottles from California Home Goods today!