Simple & Healthy Ways to Celebrate Friendship


They say friends are the family you choose. Having them is a precious gift like no other. And maybe that’s just enough reason why there is in fact more than one day in the calendar for celebrating friendship.

This 8th of June, we’re celebrating National Best Friend Day here in the US. So if you haven’t shown your appreciation for that person who has been your rock, your strength, your source of happiness, your confidant, and your partner-in-crime for quite some time now, then do take advantage of this special day and get some pointers on how you could really celebrate that special bond you have with your BFF.


Curate a Personalized Self-Care Basket

Some say that best friends are those people who know you better than you know yourself. So, on this special occasion, let your best friend know that even though you’re not physically there 24/7 for each other, that doesn’t mean you don’t care. This basket of self-care goodies will definitely let her know that you want nothing but the best care for your best friend.

Depending on what you know your best friend will like, you may choose from a variety of self-care products like aromatherapy oils, face masks, mani/pedi kit, bath salts, sleep essentials, and more. Make it extra personalized and more fun by adding labels and little notes on each item.


Prepare a Complete Brunch Meal

There’s no doubt that your best friend already treats your home like her own-- like she could easily devour on your leftover pizza from your kitchen counter or grab a cold one from your fridge. And while we’re sure you’ve already gone to countless meals together, have you actually invited her over for a proper, complete, healthy meal that you have personally prepared from scratch?

To make this one more surprising for your BFF, prepare and take all the ingredients you’ll need to her place, and just let her watch you do your thing: cook and serve your full-course hearty brunch. You could keep it as simple or make it as fancy as you want it to be. The whole point here is, you will take into consideration what your best friend (and not you) would love to eat at this time of day. Besides, no one knows her better like you do, right?

trip down memory lane.jpg

Plan a Trip Down Memory Lane

This will be so much fun, especially for those who have been best friends since childhood. Plan and set a whole day with your best friend so you could revisit the special places you have gone to and do all the fun things you love doing with each other. Go to where you first met, visit your old school, do sports or games you loved before, where you hung out often during your teenage years, and so on.

Now if that won’t really be possible because almost all those places don’t exist anymore, then you should get your thinking caps on to recreate the most special experience you’ve had when you were younger. Recreate in one area of your home let’s say your prom night, a diner where you hung out the most, the first movie you guys watched, and the like.


Nourish Each Other’s Souls

A friend wouldn’t really be called a best friend if you don’t share with her your personal issues, family problems, love or relationship updates, and even your deepest darkest secrets. While we already know that you tell each other everything and anything under the sun, was there ever really a moment when you took time to tell your best friend what you sincerely felt about her?

More often than not, it is really the small and simple things that make all the difference. Now whether you choose to put it in a fancy letterhead, origami, a sticker note, or even just written in the napkin you’ve got from your last take out, what matters is you have let your best friend know what she truly means to you.