More Ways to Use Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Far from the ‘coal’ that we all know and use to grill our favorite steaks and barbecues, bamboo charcoal is way more amazing than that. Once activated by the sun’s UV rays (when the porous holes of the charcoal are freed of the previously adsorbed particles, pores are made small again, and the UV rays of the sun makes more holes increasing its surface area more), it makes them incredibly effective!

Now effective in what? You may (or may not) already know that the activated bamboo charcoal in our popular air purifying bags are heroes in bad odor removal, moisture absorption, and allergen elimination, among others, there’s actually a lot more things you can do with them.

Here are our top 5 picks:


Natural Soil Enhancer

Adding a layer of activated charcoal underneath the soil at the bottom of the plant pot can and will make your leafy babies grow even healthier. The bamboo charcoal frees the soil of many impurities including small insects, toxins, and mold. And as an added bonus, since they’re extremely porous, if you’re guilty of over-watering (more often than not), they will help keep your plants alive by absorbing all the excess and preventing root rot.


Skin Infection Treatment

Ground or powdered activated bamboo charcoal is also widely used to treat skin infections because of its amazing antibacterial properties. It effectively absorbs harmful microbes and irritants. There are different formulas/recipes you can use to quickly soothe insect bites, treat rashes, get rid of acne, dress wounds, and even draw out splinters.

Water Filter & Purifier

Activated charcoal is also your ultimate water filtration accessory. Just like how it absorbs all the toxic particles from the air you breathe, it does the same to water. Far better than the expensive store-bought filters, it just naturally cleans your tap water, aquarium water, and even your drinking water. Bamboo charcoal actually contains minerals (like calcium). So if you want fresh mineral water made in the comfort of your home, using activated bamboo charcoal is the way to go.


Underarm Deodorant

Ever heard the rumor that the common drugstore-bought underarm deos actually make armpits dark and more smelly? Well, while we don’t have concrete proof on that, there’s one that we’re sure of: activated bamboo charcoal won’t ever do that to your precious armpits. It will even deep cleanse and detoxify them, making them less prone to odors. You can easily find different formulas on how you can make these, so try it out and it might just change your life!


Poison Remedy

Not known to many, bamboo charcoal is actually an ancient remedy to counteract toxin and poison in the body.  It can adsorb up to 50-60% of unwanted substances in the stomach and intestines when taken quickly after ingestion. People suffering from food poisoning or those who have been poisoned after being exposed to substances like bleach, mercury or pesticides are given activated bamboo charcoal. It just quickly binds with the harmful particles, preventing their absorption in your body, and allowing for quicker elimination.

Still not convinced on how amazing activated bamboo charcoal is? Then don’t let these pressure you. Instead, take baby steps by allowing them to show their wonders as these cute yet effective air purifying charcoal bags. Now once you’ve witnessed and experienced their amazing benefits, feel free to repurpose them, just like the 5 we have earlier mentioned. Just remember to re-activate them for about 1-2 hours before you use them for another purpose.