Memorial Day Crafts to Do with Your Kids this Year


Excited for summer? So are we! And what better way to kick-off everything summer than with a fun yet patriotic Memorial Day shindig with family and friends. But this much-awaited holiday weekend in May isn’t just for the adults. Kids need to be a part of the festivities, too! Remember, if you want to teach them to put down those gadgets especially in special occasions and family gatherings, then you got to keep them little hands (and minds) busy!

Here are a few of our time-tested favorite activities your kids could do before or even during your Memorial Day celebration:

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Decorate with Patriotic Flair

The kids will never run out of Memorial Day craft activities when you assign to them the decorating for your patriotic soireé. Of course with the iconic US colors, stars, and stripes, you can let the little ones make banners, wind catchers, pinwheels, centerpiece vases, table liners, star streamers, and more! Show them examples if you must.

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Paint Anew with Red, White & Blue

Instead of asking them to make and paint their own flags, this year why don’t you allow your kids’ creativity stand out even more? If you think painting is really their thing, then stick with that. Only now, they’re asked to create their own rendition of how what Memorial Day really is for them. With their preferred tools plus red, white, and blue paints, they can paint abstract stars and stripes, fireworks illustrations, fingerpaint flag impressions, and the like.


Festive Desserts to Share & Remember

If you have a knack for baking, then this is a perfect activity for the little and not-so-little ones! Using safe and kid-friendly food coloringsupplies of course, allow them to decorate all the desserts for everyone in the party. Prepare and bake in advance (or purchase if you must) a variety of cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, cakes, ice cream, and all the other desserts you can think and imagine!

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Share-worthy Tableware

The best thing about this activity is that everything your kids are going to make won’t simply be displayed--they’ll be put into good use too! With a variety of coloring materials and other supplies in your craft stash like sequins, buttons, yarn, and glitter, you can make your buffet area or party tables look more festive with the help of your kids. Let them design and decorate to their hearts’ content everything you need to use: table cloths, utensil dispensers, paper cups, pitchers, spoons and forks, and the like.