How to Easily Rejuvenate Tired Feet After A Long Work Day


Experiencing pain on your feet and legs after a long day at work (or play) is not new for anyone. While there could be a multitude of reasons why your feet ache, more often than not, it could just be because you’ve overworked and tired them for the day.

Of course, the most basic thing to do is give your feet a rest. But if this happens to you more often, then maybe that’s the reason why you’re actually giving this article some time right now. So without further ado: because we won’t suggest you get expensive massages, do a lavish foot spa, or take painkillers every time it happens, check out these 5 easy and natural remedies you can do for your feet so you can immediately give them the rest and care they deserve:


Soak It All Away

Add enough warm water (depending on the temp you prefer) to a basin or your tub up to a level that’ll cover the entire affected area of your leg/s. Put 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt and another tablespoon of baking soda. Mix well then soak your legs for at least 15 minutes.

WHY THIS WORKS:  Warm water is proven to be relaxing for any part of the body. And while Epsom salt detoxifies the body and relaxes muscles, the baking soda also helps with its anti-inflammatory properties that’ll reduce tiredness.


Ice It Up

Get small ice cubes and place them inside a plastic or ziplock bag. Cover it with a towel and washcloth. And instead of simply compressing the painful areas, massage it using the pack in circular motions.

WHY THIS WORKS:  This remedy is sure to provide immediate relief. The ice will ease the pain by soothing the nerves and will even lessen swelling.


Aromatherapy Rub

A real tested-and-proven elixir for soothing foot and leg pains requires you to mix some essential oils. Get 3 drops of lavender oil, a drop of chamomile oil, 1 drop of rose geranium oil, and 2 tablespoons of olive or coconut as carrier oil. Mix them all together and gently massage your aching feet and legs with it.

WHY THIS WORKS: This specific blend of essential oils is effective in addressing body pain. Lavender is the most calming essential oil, relieving muscle and joint pains. Rose geranium is great for calloused and sore feet. Chamomile relieves pain, breaks down the uric acids surrounding the joints, and even calms the nervous system.

Elevate & Stretch

Do different kinds of stretches for your feet and legs depending on where you think needs it. Try to hold the stretch for about 5-10 seconds while consistently breathing. After doing the stretches, lie on your bed and elevate your feet either by putting it on top of your bed’s headboard or simply by stacking pillows.


WHY THIS WORKS:  Elevating the legs improves blood circulation. It can even help avoid varicose veins, spider veins, leg swelling, and more.


A Good Exfoliation

Using a foot scrub recipe of your choice (like the coffee grounds, brown sugar, and coconut oil recipe that we absolutely love!), give your tired feet legs a generous and relaxing exfoliation. Remember to do it in a relaxing sitting position in your shower or even inside your tub (ready for a hot bath after).

WHY THIS WORKS:  A good foot scrub stimulates blood circulation and effectively removes dead skin cells.


If you really want to give your feet a nice and relaxing spa-like treatment, run those tootsies back and forth on our very own Foot Acupressure Mat before rinsing the scrub mix from your legs and feet. With more than a thousand of different sizes of soft bristles, your feet will not only be thoroughly cleaned but will easily be rejuvenated. It will even help improve blood circulation and muscle relief!