Home Spa & DIY Relaxation Hacks for Any Budget


No one would refuse a nice and luxurious time at the spa. Whether you’re a busy mom, a businessman, a hardworking student, it sure is nice if you would have one day (or even just a few hours) of rest and relaxation at the spa. But really, how much does a foot spa, massage, body scrub, facial, or even a mani/pedi cost nowadays?

80-90% of the time, whenever we feel like we need a restful spa time or day, we end up shrugging the idea off just because we have our bills, loans, and other expenses to take care of. Even so, that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a little me time. It’s just that the splurging on hefty spa services would have to be for another time.

For now, all you need is to allot a special time for your R&R at home, follow these hacks we have here for you, and you’ll already get that pampering you need and deserve:

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Soak up in Bliss or Fizz

Any mom would say that an hour of uninterrupted tub time is already a luxury. Well, whether you’re a mom or not, let’s just say that we could make your time in the bathtub a tad bit more of a luxurious spa feel.

Aside from the usual lighting of scented candles or potpourri oil and preparing flowers for your nice and warm bath in the tub, enhance your home spa experience by mixing essential oil blends or bamb bombs into the water. And while you’re at it, consider giving yourself a nice scrub by using pumice stones.

A long, warm, bubbly, and fizzy soak in the tub along with soothing scents will truly give you the ultimate spa bath experience at home.


Food-tastic Masks & Facials

Did you know that the best facial masks, scrubs and other spa treatments are made from simple home ingredients? Simply by opening your fridge or pantry, you can already recreate those products that they use on you at the spa. With items like oatmeal, honey, olive oil, brown sugar, eggs, coconut oil, avocado, lemon, and more, you can already create homemade body scrubs, hair conditioner, mask that controls sebum and shrinks pores, and a whole lot more!

Whatever your skin or face really needs at the moment, there sure is a home recipe for it! Just make sure that you won’t get allergies from the ingredients that you’ll use. Plus, always rinse off with lukewarm water and finish up with your favorite toner to seal in the nutrients.

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Get Steamy & Dreamy

Buying a sauna for your own home is way too expensive; but going to the spa regularly just for the sauna isn’t wise either. But don’t you worry, if that hot luxurious steam is exactly what you need, you don’t actually have to spend money on it!

This cool (or hot) hack is all about adding a little heat and creating that relaxing sauna vibe in your own bathroom. Just turn your shower on its hottest setting and let the water running for about 20 minutes or so (let it down the drain or collect the water in your tub, so you could the first hack--totally up to you). Now that your bathroom is nice and steamy, you can now sit back and relax.  Put cucumber on your eyelids, or a nicely misted washcloth (with lavender mist) on your face, so you'll feel more relaxed.

To amp up your home spa experience, don’t forget the soothing scents and relaxing sounds. Music and essential oils are but a must to get that total relaxation package.


The best part about these home spa and relaxation hacks is that you can always do them whenever you feel like it--and they won’t even put a dent on your wallet! Just invest on some home pampering essentials like essential oils, candles, pumice stones, crystals, exfoliators, foot massagers, and the like, and you’ll be all set for weeks or even months of regular me-times!