Home Activities to Make Easter More Fun for the Family


Painting and decorating Easter eggs is of course a timeless tradition you could do with your family for this favorite spring holiday. But if you want your Easter weekend to be a tad bit different this year, you can definitely do other activities besides getting your eggs and coloring materials ready for decorating. 

As always, Cali Home Goods has got you covered! Aside from these amazing Easter deals, we’ve got here a few of our favorite Easter Sunday activities you could try doing with your families:


Spring Easter Tree

The Easter Tree tradition is actually centuries old and is said to have originated from Germany. Just like decorating your Christmas Tree, your kids will love doing this activity with you. All you need to do is gather up bare branches or a small twig tree, a big enough vase or pot to hold up your tree, eggs, and your coloring and decorating materials. Paint the tree branches, decorate your eggs before hanging them, and then you can add other adornments like wishes or candies for the whole family.


Easter Bingo

If you want your little ones to be exhausted the night before Easter Sunday so you’re sure they’ll doze off early and wake up early for Easter morning, then do this fun activity with them. Just print off bingo cards in a colorful Easter design, of course. Then, use jelly beans or small robin eggs as markers. You may use numbers or simply Easter images for the bingo game, totally up to you. The whole family will definitely have fun playing this before bedtime!


Easter Bunny Footprints

Another fun activity that’s similar to Christmas (Santa’s Footprints), is this adventure hunt featuring the Easter bunny. Just imagine your kids’ faces-- getting up from their beds all sleepy and then seeing the Easter bunny’s trails. And once they follow these footprints (they’re made from flour or baby powder btw so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after), a magical basket of Easter goodies await them. What a cute and fun way to start off your Easter morning!