Fun Hacks on How to Take the Perfect Travel Selfies


Whether or not you’re a fan of taking selfies, learning how to take the best shots of yourself is simply a must for solo travels. Yes, of course, you could ask strangers to help take your photos, but you gotta admit that you just can’t do that every single time-- especially if your goal is to document every single moment of your wanderlust.

With everyone’s phones today are equipped with selfie-friendly features, simply anyone could take a selfie. But, taking the best and perfect travel selfies is an art in and of itself.

And in light of celebrating National Selfie Day this coming 21st of June, allow to share with you some fun hacks on how to take those solo travel selfies like a pro. Learn and try some of our favorite selfie hacks before you head to your next solo travel destination:


Find Your Light

Solo shots or not, always keep in mind the golden rule in taking photos: perfect lighting is key. Now, in the case of your selfies during solo travels, the best way to ensure taking spectacular snapshots is to use natural sunlight.

Make the best out of the “golden hour(s)”, when the sun is not noon-bright to make the photos too exposed, but with just the right amount of brightness to highlight your pretty face with a beautiful backdrop. Without looking directly into the sun of course, simply stand and face the light to get a bright photo with no shadows. This will make your face glow in an instant!


Play with Your Surroundings

Apart from your lovely face, you would also want to highlight the beautiful scenery in your photos. Besides, you would want to share and inspire others the places you’ve been to even if you’re alone, right? So while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to have fun and play with your surroundings to take awesome self portraits.

Splash some water. Throw a bunch of leaves. Hold an object close to the lens. Do a hair flip. Tae the photo with your camera upside down. Play with props or even just with your accessories like a scarf or a hat. These are just some of the things you can do while taking travel selfies, to show that you can have so much fun even when you’re alone. Don’t hesitate to get dirty or go crazy.


Don’t Be Ashamed to Use Photography Apps

Many are proud to have taken amazing photos eligible for the hashtags #noedit or #nofilter. But in those moments when lighting isn’t sufficient or when there’s an unexpected photobomber, you can’t just let that photo go to waste. Forget the discrimination or criticism and just make use of those photo apps when needed. Besides, if it’s going to enhance the awesomeness of your subject or the backdrop, then why not?


Take the Best Tools With You

There are lots of travel selfie tools you can buy and take with you: foldable tripod, selfie stick, clip-on wide angle lens, and more. Invest in some (or all) of these so you can make the most out of your solo snapshots.

You will realize just how helpful these gadgets or accessories are especially when there aren’t many people around who could help take photos of you. Just make sure that when you bring your camera and those tools, protect them safely in your luggage or bag so that you will also be able to protect your investment.


Make Use of Different Angles

Besides the traditional way of taking selfies, learn how to make the best out of all angles possible. Take your selfies from above, from below, from the side, or even from behind. Trust us, doing so will make your solo travel shots more fun and creative.

Position your phone/camera behind your shoulder, on a tree, on the ground, under water, and so on. And just in case you have forgotten your tripod and just improvised, you can use protective sheets underneath your phone or camera so that in case it topples over, it will remain unharmed.

With just these 5 clever hacks, you’ll be well on your way to taking the most awesome and fun travel selfies. Always remember that you don’t really know when you will be able to go back to that new place you’ve been to or if you would be given an opportunity to come back; so make the most out of it. Have fun. Be confident. And take as many ‘shameless’ selfies as you can, before you regret it.