Fun Crafts to Do After National Cleanup Day

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Crafting after Cleanup!

Imagine if there is one day when everyone of us just picks up and properly disposes of at least one piece of litter? Whether that be in the mall, at the beach, at the park, or even in your home, with each of our simple efforts combined, it would make such a huge difference.


And maybe that’s exactly why National Cleanup Day was created. Celebrated every third Saturday of September, this special observance encourages all of us to exert an effort, no matter how big or small, to make the entire country a cleaner and better place to live.

Participating on #NationalCleanupDay2019 doesn’t literally have to mean you must join every Clean-Up Drive or club activities in your town. You can even celebrate this occasion in your very home--by getting rid of all the stuff you’re most probably holding on to for quite some time just because “it might come in handy someday”, “it still works”, or “this has some sentimental value”.

Allow us to help you finally let go. How? Begin with the end in mind: UPCYCLE! Besides serving to a different intent, upcycled things usually become way cooler than they initially were. So maybe, just maybe, you would be more excited to repurpose your junk by focusing on what they will become. 

Here are some fun craft ideas so you can get started on your upcycling activity, stat:


Mason Jars into Bathroom Organizer

Anyone who loves to do crafts won’t ever neglect the good old mason jar. It’s so versatile that you can do almost anything with-- food-related or not. So, in case you have used up mason jars lying around, repurpose them into this cool bathroom organizer that can hold your skincare or makeup items. All you need are mason jars, nice piece of wood, hose clamps, and picture hangers. You may even do one for your kitchen too--as indoor herb planters.


Old Books into Shelves

If you’re looking for a cool DIY project to do after rummaging through old stuff in your storage, then do this Book Shelf, in the most literal way possible-- turn old books into shelves! Just choose some hard cloth- or leather-bound books and get those 90-degree brackets from the hardware store. Mount them on your bedroom or living wall, and they’re all set! Such a lovely way to repurpose and showcase those books that you have enjoyed reading before.


Vintage Frame into Jewelry Organizer

In this era of picture books and photo canvas prints, we rarely see exquisite picture frames being used. So, if you have some of those lying around your basement, make them useful once again by turning it into a jewelry organizer. You need a nice wooden frame, burlap, eye hook hangers, and design embellishments. This beauty will help keep your necklaces & bracelets from getting all tangled up or your earring from losing its partner.


Rusty Baking Sheets into Memo Boards

For the passionate home bakers, using rusty, discolored, or burnt cookie sheets are simply a no-no. But don’t throw them just yet! They could still be of use, and in a cute way, that is! All you have to do is paint and redesign those old baking sheets, mount or place them against your wall and use different kinds of magnets to use it as a memo board. These are great for your kitchen, your kid’s bedroom or even your home office.



Wine Bottles into Light Fittings

Before you hand over to the junk shop those piled up glass items in your storage, get those old wine or liquor bottles first! Believe us, cutting glass is so much fun! And the possibilities are just endless. You can make chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, and more. But if you’re still hesitant to work with electric wires, you can also make fairy light lamps with wine bottles instead!