Fun Activities to Do on Family Health & Wellness Day

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With each member of the family busy with his or her own responsibilities, it’s sometimes never surprising when exercising becomes last on everyone’s to-do list. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Whether you’re all busy with school, jobs, daily chores or running a business, your health and wellness should be at least within your Top 3 priorities.

Building lifelong health and wellness habits in your family is essential in prepping for a better future for you and your kids. That is why National Family Health and Fitness Day was created. Celebrated every last Saturday of September, families are encouraged to embrace physical activities together.

Celebrating this special day though, can and should mean more than simply dragging your whole clean to the gym. After all, this observance is not for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. More than anything, have a mindset that IT SHOULD BE FUN. Especially if you have little kids, if it’s no fun, it won’t happen. 

So here are some of our best tips so you could happily and successfully celebrate National Family Health & Wellness Day this year:


Do a Landscaping Project

Set aside your lawn mower because riding on that thing for an hour or so is definitely not the tip we’re giving. Plan a landscaping project with the fam. Whether it be a total overhaul of your garden or simply to maintain the beauty of your yard, the goal is to get your family’s hands dirty, literally!

Assign tasks like planting trees, rearranging the flowers, picking weeds, spreading mulch, and so on. Trust us, just go outside and spend 2-3 hours constantly doing yard work. All of you will have a good sweat, plus, your yard will look absolutely great right after!


Go for a Ride

Yes, this could mean a road trip, but it’s limited to 2 (or 3) wheels. Get your family together, air up those tires and hit the road for a family bike ride. This is a great way for you to spend time with your family and burn calories all at the same time. No need to go all Lance Armstrong on it, but find some hills and break a sweat! 

Added tip: you can schedule your ride early in the morning so that when your ike trip is over and you’re heading home, you can stop by your fam’s favorite cafe or diner for a hearty breakfast or brunch!


Do a Dance Battle

In special cases when not all of you could go out, let’s say mom needs to take care of the 6-month old new member of the family, this is the best family activity you can do. Without going outside the house, encourage everyone to be his or her best competitive self in dancing.

Play games in your console like Dance Dance Revolution or Just Dance, and without a doubt all of you can lose up to 300 calories while having fun! Best part about this is that no member of the family would ever feel ashamed. So, bust a move and get your groove on! If you’re really at it, you can even give a “prize” for the dance champion.


Hit the Lake

When the previous tip is best for families with babies, this one is for growing families with big kids and teenagers. Any kind of water activity would be so much fun! So, hit the nearest (and safest) lake so you could all unwind and at the same time burn a ton of calories. 

Go water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, and other fun water games and activities. Seriously, these could help you burn those fats. And the best part is, this could double as your family day-out--just relaxing by the water, having a picnic, and spending some quality time. It’s good for your bodies and souls.


Your Version of Family Day in the Yard

Little kids are all about games. So whether or not there’s an occasion, as long as you’ll always spend time with them playing, they’ll remember that for the rest of their lives. That’s why, if you truly want a fun family time while celebrating health and wellness day, then do your version of a school family day, only it’s done in your own backyard.

Do a series of games like frisbee football, paintball wars, slip and slide contests, capture the flag, kickball, treasure hunt or amazing race, and many more. You may even invite your neighbors and other family friends to have more competing teams.