DIY Gifts That'll Surely Make Your Mom's Heart Melt


Since Day 1, our moms have showed us the true meaning of unconditional love. They’re loving, supportive, caring, patient, and sometimes even overprotective. And even though there are days when we fail to show how much they mean to us, they continue to love and understand us no matter the circumstance. Simply because of that, they deserve nothing but the best.

As May 12 nears, it’s about time you give some extra thought and work into your token of love of your mom. Sure you can buy her the most expensive gift from the store, but nothing beats a DIY gift that clearly shows your love and devotion for her.

Here are some ideas you can cop to make your mom feel more loved, more appreciated, and more special on Mother's Day:

Flower bath bombs.jpg

Flower Bath Bombs

Moms, and women in general, love bath bombs! They just make our bathtub-me-time more divine! But what makes them even more gift-worthy is the fact that you hand-made them to look like actual pretty blooms. With just a few ingredients like baking soda, epsom salt, essential oils, and food coloring, you can already mold and wrap up a nice bath bomb pack for your dearest mom.

mason jar succulent.jpg

Mason Jar Succulents

Moms that are just fond of gardening and decorating will truly be happy to receive these as lovely and thoughtful gifts this Mothers’ Day. Show them that you support their likes and hobbies by making time to create these. So gather up those succulents, mason jars, painting and decorating materials--and turn them into the cutest succulent planters your mom has ever had!

Bath tea.jpg

Bath Tea

If you believe that moms are some of the busiest people in the world, then it’s time you give your mother dearest enough reason to spend some time alone--even if that means locking herself up in the bathroom for a met-time in the tub! With just epsom salt, rose petals, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, essential oils, and tea bags (organza and muslin bags will do as well), you can create a divine bathtub tea mix that your mom will love. Customize them according to your mom’s favorite scents!

Polaroid Magnets

Turn your messy-looking fridge exterior looking like a well-curated Instagram profile! It’s not only simple and budget-friendly, but also, we’re sure it’s going to be a sure hit for moms who just adore sentimental stuff. With the ever-reliable magnetic sticker squares, you can easily turn your Polaroid or Instax prints into cool fridge magnets or magnetic clips.