Brilliant Tricks to Keep Your Room Comfy During Summer Nights


Everyone will agree that summer season is best spent on a vacation - whether in a tropical paradise, in a house by the beach, in a log cabin in the woods, or even in a far-off land where it’s snowing during this time. But since not everyone is privileged enough to spend for ‘that kind of summer’, there will be moments when you would dread this hot sunny weather--like those dry and humid nights that are basically so uncomfortable.

So while of course we’d assume you’re making the best use of your AC during these sleepless or sweat-drenching nights, there are actually more ways on how you could make your bedroom feel less like a sauna and more of a breezy-homey room in the tropics. Here are some brilliant (and $-saving by the way) hacks you could do to still get that beauty rest during the summer:

Keep the Sun Out

room curtains.jpg

Whether you’re living in an apartment or a single detached house, the possibilities of the sun’s radiant rays coming in and building up the heat in your turf are just the same. Whether your bedroom’s windows catch the morning or afternoon sun, you will still feel the warming effects of summer even after the sun has gone down.

So during daytime, make sure that your room is equipped with curtains, blinds, and other window treatments so you could lessen the heat build-up. Then, once the sun has gone down, you may also want to open up the windows even just for 30mins to 1 hour just so you could keep the locked up heat up and circulate better air before you go to bed and turn up your A/C. Another tip, you may also equip your windows with reflective tint to lessen the sun’s rays that come in.


Love Your Cotton Sheets

comfy linens.jpg

As we all know, bedlinen has an impactful effect on sleep quality. Thus, during scorching summer nights, it’s best that you take into serious consideration the kind of bedding to use. To avoid having topsy-turvy sleepless nights or waking up drenched in sweat, stay away from blends with polyester or other synthetic material. Instead, make breathable, moisture-wicking sheets your priority.

Natural cotton sheets are your best choice. They are superb for breathability and not to mention comfort--because they have the ability to draw moisture and heat from your skin and release it into the air. The advisable thread count to choose is between 300 and 400. 


Green Your Space

green plants.jpg

Regardless of the time of day, it is always best to take your plants inside your home during the summer season. Not only will you be able to keep them from being directly scorched by the sun; but also, you’ll easily improve the air you breathe inside your home.

Plants are natural humidifiers. Other than their aesthetic value, they have a positive effect on the air quality and the coziness of any space by increasing the oxygen and moisture content. For common areas like your living room, consider the Golden Cane Palm (or Areca Palm) which is superb in arid climates with hot dry air. For your bedroom, we suggest bringing in plants like lavender, jasmine, or even the popular Snake Plant that is one of only a few plants that release oxygen even at night.


Use Non-Electric Dehumidifiers & Purifiers

Don’t get us wrong. Fancy dehumidifiers and air purifiers are great not only for allergy season but also for the summer. However, not only are these machines heavy on the budget, but they are also emitting additional heat when they’re simply plugged in (even when not in use). 

That said, we suggest you use effective dehumidifiers and purifiers that do not use electricity and don’t emit additional heat on their own. Just like our 500-gram Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag. It’s amazing in keeping the dryness and stuffiness of your room at bay. Add to that its ability to absorb excess moisture, eliminate steamy odors, and trap bacteria (that probably grew because of the heat). Simply place a bag or two in your sleeping area and you’ll surely feel the difference in the air you breathe while you rest and sleep.