Best-Ever Labor Day Celebrated at the Workplace

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Still hungover from your Labor Day weekend shenanigans? Don’t worry, California Home Goods has got you covered! 

Assuming you have already made the most out of that much-needed long weekend off, let’s all take this time to really look back on why was Labor Day celebrated years ago. Well, minus the hard manual labor, this holiday was created to pay homage to the social and economic contributions of the workforce.

Whether you’re a big boss, an entrepreneur, or a rank and file employee, that doesn’t really matter--what’s important is that you take this time to appreciate all the people who work hard with you or for you. Because that’s what Labor Day is all about.

Here are some workplace, business, or office celebration ideas you would like to cop so we are all truly reminded of who do we honor on Labor Day:

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Send “I Appreciate You” Notes to Your Colleagues

Take some time to send short appreciation notes to all those who you work with, regardless of their positions. Doesn’t have to be a love letter though--even a one-liner is all it takes to make someone feel truly appreciated. Just get some cute sticky notes and write: “Dear _____, I appreciate you __________.” You’ll see that that one line could go very far. It’s a simple but memorable way of letting someone know that his/her work is never unnoticed.

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Plan a Labor Day Awards Night

This special labor day party idea is specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and all those who are fortunate enough to have people working for them. If you’re really serious about making your employees feel that they are appreciated, plan out an event to give them awards or certificates. Special awards, that is. Ask your employees in secret or through private messages to nominate and vote for winners a week or so in advance. Plan out fun award categories like the Early Bird, Best in OT, Mr. & Ms. Company Spirit, and the like. Be as creative and as fun as you can!

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Host an All-Out Lunch Potluck

If most of you have work on Labor Day, then that’s not a problem! Bring the celebration to your office or business! Encourage each and everyone to bring food-to-share of all kinds. Or, you can even set a theme by asking them to bring their favorite Mexican dishes, Chinese food takeouts, and the like. Allot a few hours in the middle of your workday to just sit down, have a nice meal, relax, and share nice conversations with everyone in the team.

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Give out Treats

We understand that sometimes, there are really some workplaces that are so busy that they couldn’t afford to go all out in sacrificing one work day to celebrate this occasion. So, if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be so stressed about it. Bringing in a box of donuts, giving away cookies you made at home, or even making a DIY office decor for everyone can already mean so much. For a nice touch, set the goodies on a table in a common area (like your office pantry), with a sign saying “Thank you for your hard work. Please get one” or something like that.

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Cook for Them

If you really want this Labor Day to be extra special, then this time, do a labor of love for them. Instead of simply throwing a party or taking them out to lunch, prepare custom lunch boxes for each. On the day before, make ahead some nice and delicious lunch meals that you know they’ll like. Then, come lunch time at the office, surprise everyone by handing out bento lunch boxes with a simple note on the lid.

Honoring all the people who you work for, who you work with, and who work for you is just as important today as it was decades ago. As with any occasion, commemorating Labor Day doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be heartfelt.