7 Essential Life Hacks for the Super Busy Parent


#TheStruggleIsReal--when talking about juggling full-time work and managing a household on a daily basis, this hashtag is an understatement. And we’re pretty sure every busy parent out there will agree. While you try your hardest, more often than not, you still find yourself asking why does one day only has 24 hours.

But no matter how impossible it seems to maintain a perfect equilibrium between excelling in your career and taking care of your family, the classic saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way” still is true. Actually, there are lots of wayS to save time, to be less tired, and to keep your sanity while you continue juggling the two. Here are some of our top life hack uber-busy working parents like yourself could do to make your daily grind a tad bit more smooth and more bearable:

The Family Board

Maintain a big chalkboard or whiteboard in the busiest part of your home, like in the kitchen, for everyone to see. This board will guide and help every single member of your household as it will contain important stuff like daily reminders, appointments, grocery or needs list, and weekly menus, among others. Speaking of which, let’s move on to the next:

Mandatory Meal Prep

Make meal planning a weekly activity for the family. Plan school/office lunch meals, breakfast, and dinner with the whole fam. By planning meals ahead, you can save lots of time and effort because that also means you’d have to do weekly bulk grocery-runs and advance cooking/prepping. Put the cooked meals inside the fridge or your freezer and just label the containers using mini sticky notes (indicating the day and meal time it is for).


The Wardrobe Shelf

Deciding and preparing everyone’s wardrobe every single morning also takes time. Allot a shelf at home for each member’s set of clothes for the next day. So every night, pick out clothes for everyone and just write on a stick note for them to quickly know which one is theirs.

Keep Everyone Engaged

This one’s an old trick but it still works up to this day and age. Assign house chores to each member regardless of how young or old they are. It’s up to you if you want to shuffle it on a weekly or monthly basis, just remember to stick memos on to your family board so that everyone is updated.


Laundry Day Everyday

Instead of having one laundry day every week to wash everyone’s clothes, allot one day for each family member. Load the dirty clothes first thing in the morning and then transfer them to the dryer before you leave for the office. With this strategy, you won’t have to sort the clothes out anymore and you can even have the family member be responsible for folding and putting their own clothes in their cabinets.

Spread Love

While every family member helps out in the home in addition to schoolwork or officework, stress and squabbles are inevitable. Encourage everyone to resolve things quickly. Let every one be used to sending each other short notes of love, forgiveness, care, and affection. Of course you can send texts and online messages, but still nothing beats small notes of love!