4 More Handy Uses for the Moving Foam Sheets


Made from extra thick and durable polyethylene foam, the California Home Goods Cushion Foam Sheets are indeed great materials for wrapping glassware, safely separating china ware, shipping out wine glasses, and storing fragile collectibles. But truth be told, we’d like to give them the credit they truly deserve even though there’s no denying they’re already the best packaging and moving protection sheets for your precious belongings.

More than just reusable packing and moving foam sheets that are ready for your next big move, they can also come in handy for various purposes. Read up so you’ll know exactly what we mean:


It is a known fact that foam or styrofoam is a great material for insulation. But more specifically, because these are foam sheets, they can be a lot easier to handle, and thus it won’t be hard for you to think of items or places that need insulation.

Wrap the walls of your pet houses to keep your furry pals warm and cozy during winter. Use these whenever you’re sending or bringing out beverages, desserts, and food items that need to be kept hot or cold even during transit.


Winter Protection for Plants

As sad as it seems, it’s almost always expected to see house plants die during the snowy winter time. But if you do have used or spare cushion foam sheets, you can help stop those little shrubs from dying out in the cold.

Just get the foam sheets and lash them together to form a tent-like protection around the shrub. You may use double sheets if you prefer a substantial protection. To hold the pieces in places, drive bamboo garden stakes through the bottom of each piece into the ground.


Craft Projects

The best thing about our cushion foam sheets is that no matter how thick and durable they are, you can treat them as something not so soft as fabric but not as rigid as a cardboard. Hence, it is also widely used to make props, decor, and other craft projects.

It is even a great alternative for the common styrofoam whenever you need to mount something. Because instead of needing a styro cutter, you can just use scissors to cut up these foam sheets. Have a look at this awesome craft where a styro sheet is used to make flowers for decor:




Child Safety

Like what we have mentioned, the common styrofoam is just difficult to cut and shape unless you have a styro cutter; plus, it’s also messy. These cushioning sheets are perfect to make your place child safety-approved! Because they’re very easy to handle, you can cover the edges of shelves, corners of tables, bed headboards, toys, trampolines, and more.

And you may even layer it with more foam sheets if you want extra cushioning - without having to worry about how you’ll keep them in place.

The California Home Goods Moving Foam Cushion Sheets are indeed reliable and functional materials you can use for almost every single thing at home. With your resourcefulness and a little bit of creativity, we’re pretty sure you’d be able to think of more uses for our protective foam sheets other than these four that we’ve shared with you.

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