Genius Home Hacks for First-Time Dog Owners

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Welcoming a new dog for the very first time sure is exciting. However, just like with having a new home, a new car, or nonetheless a baby, it doesn’t come without responsibilities. So it’s totally understandable if you’re currently worried, restless, or overwhelmed while feeling the excitement at the same time. 

Just like with any relationship, owning and taking care of a dog is a commitment. While you enjoy the perks of having a four-legged pal and a new partner in crime, this little creature also relies on you to be the sole provider of attention, nutrition, entertainment, care, and love for the rest of his dog years. 

Thus, in light of National Dog Day celebrated every 26th of August, we here at California Home Goods want to give you all the help you can get as first-time pet parents. Assuming you have already prepared yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially before you have actually decided to bring in a dog in your home, we’re here to give you some more essential first time dog owner tips and tricks.

Hopefully these precious dog advice we’ve collected just for you would help turn you into a doggo parent rookie to a savvy pet owner in no time:

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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Just like welcoming a new baby, you have to need to dedicate a few days (or sometimes even weeks) to prep your home for your new dog. Make ready the new environment for him according to his size and breed. Take a good look at your home by imagining yourself as a dog or pup. Then, make the necessary adjustments or installations. Move plants. Get electrical wires out of the way. Transfer fragile collectibles. Keep away cleaning products and fire-hazard items. Make a list of all items like these, and check it twice.

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DIY Doggie Bed

There’s a wide variety of dog bedding you can find and buy online or in pet stores. However, most owners nowadays stick to DIY beds because most if not all breeds will eventually outgrow those pup-sized beds in no time. Especially if you’re having a dog that’s not of the small play dog breeds, you might want to consider making your own instead. Using wooden pallet(s), crib mattress, and a fitted sheet, you can already make your pal a comfy place to rest.

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The Must-Have Food List

Just like humans, dogs need to eat right as well. It sure is tempting to share your four-legged pal whatever it is you’re eating, but unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it. Be informed. Know by heart what your dog can and cannot eat. In addition, it would also help greatly if you consult with a veterinarian about the best vitamins and supplements to help make your pup grow healthier everyday.


Essential Cleaning Tools

Cleaning up after animals is no joke. Thus, if you’re decided to bring a dog into your home for the very first time, you have to seriously prepare yourself with the cleaning responsibilities--most especially when your pal isn’t potty trained and fully adjusted to his new environment. Buying all the fancy cleaning supplies is great, but there are always options so it won’t burn a hole in your pockets. For example: using baking soda for cleaning carpets, a squeegee to get fur from sofas and car seats, charcoal bags to get rid of deep-seated pet smell, and more.

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Pet First Aid Kit

This is actually one of the most important tips for first time dog owners, but unfortunately not often given. Like humans, dogs need their first aid kits too. Like us, they also get hurt and encounter accidents from time to time. While we’re all hoping that they don’t go through any of these, it’s always best to be prepared. Curate your pet’s very own first aid kit that includes wound dressing supplies, extra leash, medicine, dietary supplements, and the like.

Whether a first or a 10-time dog owner, you always have to assume all the responsibilities of taking in a pet under your care. Remember that as your dog will have your back for as long as he lives. So in turn, you need to be 100% dedicated in providing him the happy and healthy life he also deserves. Check out some of our pet-friendly products in our Amazon store.