Shrug the Chug: Other Uses of Beer You Didn’t Know About


August 2 is #InternationalBeerDay. And because you all know that we don’t really need a holiday just to have a valid reason to enjoy a cold one, let’s all celebrate this special day a bit differently.

No one would dare contest that beer is the most-loved alcoholic drink not only in the US but in the world. Aside from its power to put you in a good mood, help you sleep, and simply give you a nice feeling of refreshment, beer has actually a lot more uses than we all know and appreciate.

So whether you’re just not in the mood to drink right now or you simply want to know what to do with old beer, then you are in the right place. Allow us to share with you some of our favorite uses for old beer or still drinkable beer, well, aside from chugging it:


For Your Garden

Whether you’re into indoor plants nowadays or you’re simply passionate about beautifying your garden and backyard, beer, in general, can help you take care of your greens. A freshly opened can or bottle of beer can help fertilize your garden blossoms. As for your indoor plants, what you need to fertilize them is flat beer and, to be lightly sprinkled or poured.

Oh and by the way, beer can help slay the slugs in your garden and yard as well. Just leave shallow bowls of beer out in your lawn or garden, and it’ll attract and trap slugs, snails, bees, wasps, flies, and more.


For Your Feet

When we’re tired from a long and stressful day at work, we usually just grab a cold one and we’ll feel relaxed. But if you think you’re so used to that already, level up your pampering sesh by soaking your feet in beer. Fill a basin, pail, or your bathtub with warm water just enough to cover your ankles, then add at least half a bottle of beer to the mix. Sit back, relax, and maybe still drink a bottle while you’re at it.

copper collection.jpg

For Your Copper Collection

Are you a fan of copper and rose gold things? Then stock up on some beer if you want to keep them shining shimmering splendid. From battered coin collectibles to your favorite pots and pans, your good old beer can clean everything. All you need to do is soak the copper item in beer for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then get a soft cloth to buff its surface. It works with gold accessories and jewelries as well!

couch stain.jpg

For Fabrics & Upholstery

Accidentally spilled some wine on your carpet? Or suddenly tipped over your coffee cup? Don’t you worry. Your reliable cold best friend will help take care of those nasty stains. Beer is actually a dependable stain remover. All you have to do is soak the stain with beer, let it sit for a few minutes, dab a few times, then rinse with water. And voila! Stain’s gone!

beer for hair.jpg

For Your Hair

Yes, it might be a bit weird because you know it’ll get your hair sticky, but believe us--beer can miraculously rejuvenate dull, dry, and brittle hair. It will make it shinier and bouncier! That’s exactly why there are actually beer shampoos sold in the market. 

Just gently wash your hair with flat room temperature beer and then make sure it’s completely rinsed off afterwards. Now if you like what it did to your hair, you can even make a DIY beer shampoo! 

beer battered fish.jpg

For Your Tummy

You may have already heard about beer-battered chicken or fish. And does the beer make them more delicious? Absolutely! But don’t just stop there because as a matter of fact, your favorite brew can be a great substitute for water in many kinds of recipes.

Replace water with beer and then, you can cook rice, stem seafood, cook sauces, make pancakes, and marinade meat! Try it and you’ll really notice how your beer has made a lot of difference in the taste and texture of your favorite dishes. 

California Home Goods 6-pc Giara Bottles.jpg

After learning about all these, we’re certain that you might just want to get a little more extra on your usual 6-pack. Or better yet, you can try brewing your own at home using our reliable glass giara bottles! Cheers to the next one!