Effortless Ways to Celebrate National Lazy Day


It may sound just like an ordinary weekend to you but, National Lazy Day, celebrated every 10th of August, is the day when no one’s going to judge you, be mad at you, or question you for truly embracing your laziest self. And while the name of this holiday truly suggests that you celebrate it literally by simply doing nothing, we seriously recommend that you don’t let it go to waste and instead make this day all about spending some real quality time with yourself.

So, as we cue Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song, you can now put on your best lazy day clothes and then forget all the cares, the worries, the stress, and the busyness for just one day. Sit back, relax, and don’t even try to wonder how to have a lazy day. All you have to do is, practice the true meaning of self-love and do some or all of these:


Unplug & Lounge

Playing mobile games, online window shopping, or social media stalking might be your definition of a lazy me activity, but in reality, those doesn’t cut it when you truly want to take your mind off things and hit the pause button of your busy life. So ignore your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone for now. Lounge around in your sofa, recliner, or hammock, if you may. Master your Cleopatra pose with a cocktail or a beer in one hand. Don’t think about anything and simply enjoy a relaxing peaceful time with yourself.



If your busy schedules and daily activities have taken your opportunity to finally start that series you’ve been wanting to watch for so long, then this is the perfect day for vengeance. Binge watch on that movie, reality show, or TV series to forget about your busy schedules and daily activities. While you’re at it, you can also binge on a new podcast you’ve bookmarked maybe three months ago and get some popcorn to munch on.


Forgo Cooking

Whether you live all by yourself or with your family, cooking and prepping meals is that daily activity we can’t easily escape from. But you need to eat. So on this very day, still having that #selflove theme on your mind, forgo cooking and just order in all the food you’ve been wanting to devour for so long. Keeping physical movement at the bare minimum, the only finger you should be lifting is the one you’ll use to gobble up that pizza or burrito.


Be Pampered

In our opinion, don’t let this day pass without amping up on your skincare. Why? Because whether your busy schedule simply won’t allow you to do a serious skincare routine or your usual-lazy-you has always been postponing that time for a face mask or mud pack, a day for self-love shouldn’t be without proper pampering. So go ahead, try that new skin care product you’ve bought but never used. Soak on a nice, long, warm bath. Give your tootsies a nice exfoliating sesh. Nourish your crowning glory with a nice treatment. You can even call in a home spa service if your budget would allow you to. The important thing is, this day is all about you.


Sleep In. Early.

The truth really hurts especially in this case because this day full of relaxing, unwinding, and pampering must come to an end. And for that, all you can do is end this lazy day in the best way possible: sleep in early. With our demanding and complicated lifestyles, it isn’t really surprising why regular sleep patterns are often non-existent. So don’t miss this opportunity to hit the sheets early to get that 8 (or more) hours of sleep you have long been wishing for. You can even diffuse lavender and other essential oils so your body can really get that restful sleep it deserves.

At the end of the day being lazy or doing lazy things (if that makes sense) is relative. We each all have our own definition of it. Just keep in mind that this holiday isn’t created for nothing. Don’t let yourself miss out on this whole day when you need no excuses to be L-A-Z-Y.