Cleaning Hacks to Learn Just in Time for Your Independence Day Celebration


When thinking about hosting parties and holding special occasions just like this year’s Independence Day Celebration, more often than not, we get so engrossed in planning all the fun that we forget one of the hardest parts of the whole event: The Cleaning--yes, the one you need to do before and after the festivities.

While we can all wish to enjoy hosting a fun Independence Day party and just skip the cleaning part by hiring professionals to do so, oftentimes we end up realizing that the money we’ll spend on paying those cleaning pros could just be spent for more food, more decor, more booze, and basically, more fun for everyone!

That said, we’re here to back you up and give you some of our most brilliant and helpful tips when it comes to before and after party cleanups:


Ready a Home Cleaning Kit That’ll Change Your Life

Making sure that your home is in shape before your guests arrive would sound like additional work for you, but actually, it’s not. It will even cut your after-party cleanup time in half. The more prepared you are, the less cleaning tasks you’re going to do. 

That said, you have to set a realistic cleaning plan--let’s say after you’ve cooked or prepared the drinks. Then, curate your very own cleaning kit. Get a reliable caddy filled with all the cleaning supplies and tools that you need. With this carry-all cleaning kit, you can breeze through cleaning your kitchen, hallway, living area, and other parts of your home before the event. 

Keep this kit nearby during the event as well so that you’ll be well prepared for emergency cleanup situations!

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Lovely Disposables are Life Savers

If you simply want to make your life easier for your Independence Day soiree, forget all the fussy dinnerware. Sure, your lovely collection of china or glassware will make your event look more posh. But once guests accidentally break them, you will not only be stressed out while cleaning the pieces in the middle of the party; but also, you’ll be devastated to bid one of your collections goodbye. 

But using disposable party ware doesn’t have to make your party look cheap. Actually, there are lots of cool disposable plates, flatware, glasses, and other tableware that will even complement your party theme. You may even find lots of those that are in a patriotic design, too. The best part about using those is, apart from being free from broken dishes or glasses, it will speed up your post-party cleanup as well. And by the way, using a disposable table cloth/cover is a brilliant idea as well!


You can Never Have Too Many Trash Bags

One of the many reasons why house parties are just too messy too handle is--guests do not really know where to place their used up plates, glasses, utensils, etc. So while you’ve already embraced using disposables in your party, you should never ever forget to place trash bins or trash bags in and around your home. 

Again, you can never have too many of them. One is not enough. Place them in every corner and every area possible so that your guests will be encouraged to clean up as they go. 

Divide the Post-Party Cleanup Tasks Into Two

We know how tired you already are after the party. However, there are really just some after party cleanup tasks you can’t avoid for later (or tomorrow)-- some of these are wiping up spills, storing leftover food, turning on the dishwasher, and the like. 

Then, after you’ve done all the urgent cleanups, you can make a list of what you need to do tomorrow--like cleaning the floor, throwing out the trash, etc. Remember, if you let yourself be overwhelmed with all the mess, you will be more stressed out, and you won’t be pleased with the results. 

Save What You Can for The Next Party

While we’re all for using disposables for parties, we also know that you often can’t help but use seasonal decor, adorable partyware, and other stuff just to impress your guests. But, you have to keep in mind that most of those are a one-time-theme or seasonal kind of thing, there is always going to be another opportunity for you to use them. 

Carefully store and organize those decorations and other party needs in a secure and orderly manner. Wrap them individually so that they’ll be extra safe from color fading, breaking, and being too dusty. So even though it’s a tad bit of additional work, trust us, you’ll thank us later.