Simple yet Meaningful Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Parents

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We all celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day every year. But did you all know that there is actually a day meant to celebrate and honor our parents as one, as a team. Every year, the 4th Sunday of July  is a special day to pay homage to that important structure-- foundation that builds and nurtures the whole family. 

And one thing that also makes this day a tad bit more special is the fact that National Parents Day isn’t really for gift-giving (as we may have already done that in May for Mother’s Day and in June for Father’s Day). The best way to really celebrate this day is to drop all your personal stuff and just dedicate this whole time to show how much you honor, respect, and appreciate your parents.

Here are some of the simple yet meaningful ways on how you could show your appreciation to your dearest Mom and Dad:

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Take Them Down to Memory Lane

The very moment we stepped into this world, we automatically became our parents’ world. Their lives revolved on ours. Thus, on this special day, make them remember how they enjoyed life back then when it was just the two of them. If your parents never really talked much about how they spent their time when they were still boyfriend-girlfriend, do a bit of research on your own.

What matters here is, you sort of recreate the #feels and let them relive those precious times. Whether they loved watching movies, dancing, playing indoor golf, having a bowling match of their own, or what-not, your goal here is to let them remember that before you, there was just them. Bring that spark right back up!

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Invite Their Couple Friends Over

If you think your parents are more of social butterflies--who just can’t seem to get enough of their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, then this is the perfect day to make them truly happy. Of course, you’d have to do everything for them for Parents’ Day. 

Invite their couple and parent friends over. Prepare the meals--their favorite party food, of course! Get them nice outfits (matchy-matchy could be nice, too!). Make ready their throwback playlist. And the complete shenanigans! Here, your goal is to make them feel like guests even if the soiree is to be held in their house.

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Prepare a Full-course Dinner and End with a Touching Video

Now, if you feel your parents are more of the laid-back types when they often prefer to have a close-knit intimate celebration, then this is what you can do to celebrate Parents’ Day. A delicious hearty full-course meal cooked and prepared by their kid/s will already be a treat. Assign each family member a task to make it air and more organized.

Then, while they’re having dessert, let them have the cherry on top by letting them watch a special video presentation--of course, prepared by you! It may be a compilation of family video clips, slideshow of their pictures from the time when they were dating up to when they’re married, snaps from their wedding day, and the like. Trust us, your efforts in making all these possible will definitely warm their hearts.

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Make Appreciation Jars

For our last tip or hack, we truly suggest you do this regardless of which of the earlier 3 you have chosen to do. This may be the simplest one, but mind you, this will definitely make your parents feel truly appreciated.

Ask each family member to write a collection of appreciative notes. Each item they appreciate about your/their parents. “I love it when you prepare my snack for school.” “I really appreciate it when you try to get to know my friends.” or “I am thankful because you show your support in my career”--short but meaningful statements like that. Write each one in a single piece of paper or note sheet. Fold each one and place all of it in a little jar or canister. Label each one according to the name of your siblings. 

Give these to your parents. It’s totally up to them if they want to read them all on this day or if they want to do it gradually. But the main goal of the appreciation jar is, on the days when they feel neglected, forgotten, or underappreciated, they just pick a paper from these jars so it’ll instantly remind them that they’re loved.

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