Budget-Friendly Ideas to Cheer Up The Lonely


Did you know that there’s a specific day in a year dedicated for cheering up those who are in deep grief, those who are sad, and those who are simply feeling under the weather? Yes, that’s on July 11--Cheer Up the Lonely Day

Here at California Home Goods, we believe that happiness and joy should be shared. So, if you do know someone who is feeling down, brokenhearted, or discouraged, then now’s the time to be a little more generous. Don’t let that person suffer alone. Share the love. Be your own kind of hero by brightening up someone’s day.

Here are some ideas you can cop to easily cheer up that someone without having to spend so much:

Give Free Hugs

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For those moments when words or material things are not enough, nothing beats warm hugs. The mere act of giving a nice and honest hug will trigger a good release of oxytocin (the “bonding molecule”) which then helps decrease elements of stress and loneliness. 

It’s so simple but amazingly effective. Human contact--hugging specifically conveys honest loving care without the need for sugar-coated words. In fact, it releases happiness-inducing elements to both (or all) parties involved. 

Send Love Notes


For people who are just having a rough day, a simple note can actually do so much--just letting that person know that someone is thinking about him/her, makes a big difference. Surprise that someone by sticking a note in his/her organizer, on the fridge, on the computer monitor, or even on a coffee mug.

Skip the text message for now and make it more personal. Whether it’s a short message, a quote, a joke, a cheesy dedication or a pun-filled two-liner, it doesn’t really matter. A random note may not seem too much for you, but to someone who’s really going through a rough day, it will truly mean a lot. Just that message could already brighten someone else’s day.

Make a Tummy Happy


“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”--no, actually, one way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach; especially if it’s food that’s personally made with love. Making someone a simple meal and actually sharing it with that person can in fact be very calming, relaxing, and reassuring. 

While you can research on how to whip up foods that truly relieve stress, the kind of food that you’ll serve on the table doesn’t really matter. Whether it’s an expensive steak dinner or a hearty good ol’ brunch meal, as long as you made an effort to cook for that person, surely he or she will appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Cheesy but Classic


Flowers. Chocolates. Plush toys. Balloons. All these are popular items for Valentine’s Day for a reason--they are proven to be effective in releasing happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. That said, if you do want to spend a little somethin-somethin’ for that person you want to make happy, then don’t just stray from these kinds of items just because you think they’re cliches. These cheesy items will make that person feel loved and cared for--and that’s what truly matters.