Top 5 Benefits of More Fiber in Your Diet


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It isn’t new to everyone that fiber is an important component of our diet. Actually it isn’t too hard to find foods that have fiber in them. But the question is: Are you getting enough?

To further convince you that your body should get the right amount of (or even more) fiber in order for you to stay healthy and live a longer fuller life, here are our top 5 things fiber can do for you:

Maintain bowel health


Say buh-bye to constipation when you incorporate more fiber into your daily meals. Dietary fiber simply normalizes bowel movement. It increases the weight of the stools and softens it so it’s easier and faster to pass. In the same way, if you have IBS or have watery stools more often, fiber will add form and help solidify it. Enjoy bloat-free days and regular number twos when you take more fiber-rich foods. With better bowel health, there’s even lesser chances of you getting hemorrhoids and colon-related diseases.

Lose & Maintain Your Weight

Who needs a juice cleanse when you have more fiber in your meals? Think of fiber as an easier all-natural way to detox. Without the not-so-pleasant taste of juiced veggies or the harsh weight loss supplements, you will now be able to lose weight faster and then maintain your ideal weight a lot easier!

Apart from the fact that fiber helps us defecate on a more regular basis, fiber-rich foods are also more filling and satisfying. They have less calories but you’ll stay satisfied for longer, making you stay away from untimely binges. See the amazing results-- once you increase your intake of dietary fiber, you’ll be surprised on how many pounds you’ll shed just by making that diet change.

Lower the Odds of Heart Disease


Soluble fiber has amazing cholesterol-lowering effects. Like those found in flax seeds, beans, and oats, it will simply sop up all the excess cholesterol found in your system before they can even clog your arteries. Many studies have shown that people who regularly eat high-fiber foods at less likely to get heart attacks or die from a heart disease. Other heart health benefits of fiber include reduced blood pressure and inflammation.

Healthier Gut Bacteria


When you eat high-in-fiber foods that are then fermented in your GI tract, there are some good bacteria in your gut that feeds on them. As they gobble up on those, they produce short-chain fatty acids and eventually multiply. So how is it good for you? If those good bacteria keeps multiplying and continues to feed off fiber, you’ll never be obese; you’ll be less likely to experience systemic inflammation; and a lot more. Just be sure to consistently take the proper amount of fiber, and you’ll continue to reap the benefits.

Keep blood sugar levels steady


Diabetic or not, it is important that you take in at least the required amount of fiber for your body. When added to meals, soluble or viscous fiber turns into a gel-like substance in the stomach. As a result, nutrients-- including sugar, is absorbed more slowly. Because of that, a lesser amount of insulin is needed to clear sugar from the bloodstream. As for non-diabetics, fiber is effective in eliminating post-meal hunger or cravings that are caused by a consumption of more carbs and sugar-containing foods.


Foods that are high in fiber include whole-grain products, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, pulpy juices, barley, and more. But if you really want to make sure that you’re taking in more fiber in your body, then apart from these foods, take the Extra Strength Zero for Him Fiber Supplements. Packed with organic psyllium husk, chia, flax seeds, and concentrated aloe ferox, you’re sure that your body’s fiber needs are covered on a regular basis. Go and buy yours today!