+ What exactly is/are inside the CHG Air Purifying Charcoal Bag?

alt text Every single one of our air purifying bags contain big chunks of proprietary-treated bamboo charcoal - no more, no less. It doesn't contain any fillers or any other material, just pure bamboo charcoal for maximum moisture absorption.

+ Is there a specific way I should place the charcoal bags to get the best results?

Regardless of the position or placement, the bamboo charcoal bags will work its wonders! You can hang them, place them upright or simply lay them out in any living or working space.

+ Will it work outdoors? If not, where are the charcoal bags most effective?

Our air purifying bags are guaranteed to work both indoors and outdoors! But as bad odors, allergens, and bacteria accumulate often in enclosed spaces, their effectivity is more apparent inside your home, in your car, or in tighter spaces.

+ Is one big charcoal bag enough for our living room?

For living spaces with a more open floor plan, we suggest that you place two (2) 500-gram charcoal bags in your living room to make sure you maximize its benefits.

+ Why do I need to activate the new charcoal bags? Won't they work immediately after receipt?

Your new CHG Charcoal Bags should work just fine right after taking them out of the poly wrap. However, due to the temperature changes and storage conditions during transit, the bags are prone to accumulating moisture. To be 100% sure they'll work like new, you need to activate them by placing them under direct sunlight for at least an hour.

+ Is recharging really necessary? What will happen if I don't recharge them?

The porous structure of the bamboo charcoal enable them to absorb and trap bad odors, excess moisture, allergens, and other toxic air-borne substances. These minute holes also get filled up at some point. By recharging them under sunlight, the UV rays get into the charcoal, making the pores expand. Once expanded, all those trapped substances and particles are released, and the porous holes are like new. Neglecting to charge the charcoal bags from time to time may decrease their chances of absorbing moisture and odor for longer.

+ What if I place the bags in our pet area and our dogs accidentally eat some bamboo charcoal particles, what will happen to them?

The bamboo charcoal components of our air purifying bags are made from carefully-sourced materials and guaranteed 100% pet-friendly but are not made for consumption. While we don't recommend ingestion of the charcoal, pets shouldn't experience adverse effect from eating small amounts of charcoal. If you think your pet has ingested a substantial amount of the bamboo charcoal and begins to exhibit symptoms such as vomitting and stomach pain, see a veterinarian as soon as possible. For your pet's safety, place the charcoal bags in hard to reach areas.

+ Help! I left my charcoal bags outside and now it's drenched from the inside -- can I still use it?

Yes, just recharge them for a much longer period of time. About 2-3 hours per side under direct sunlight.

+ I have babies/toddlers at home, and I want to use the bags near their crib or bed to get rid of nasty diaper smells, would that be safe?

Yes, our charcoal bags are safe for babies and toddlers. However, please keep in mind that the bamboo charcoal bags are not made for consumption. if you think your child has ingested any components of the charcoal bags, please see a physician immediately.

+ Can I use the charcoal bags beyond the two year lifespan?

Our air purifying bags use bamboo charcoal components with a proven 2-year lifespan. The effectivity of the charcoal bags beyond the prescribed lifespan depends on the condition and upkeep of the bamboo charcoal. Air purifying bags used in living or working areas with moderate moisture levels may work for longer compared to those that are used in areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

+ After absorbing the bad smells, allergens, and excess moisture, where do they all go? Will they escape or seep out of the bag/package after some time?

After usage, you will notice the bag being heavier over time as it captures and holds the moisture and other particles inside. That's because the porous holes expand as they absorb more. But that doesn't mean they'll escape the bag once the pores are full. Again, all you need to do is recharge them and you'll notice them going back to their original weight.

+ How will I rejuvenate or recharge the charcoal bags if our place don't really get a lot of sun?

Our bamboo charcoal bags are recharged by the UV rays, not by the sun's heat. So laying them out in the open during daytime can still recharge and rejuvinate the charcoal particles.

+ Can I recharge the bags in the microwave, dryer, or oven?

No. The charcoal bags are recharged by UV rays, not by heat.

+ After using the bamboo charcoal bags for different purposes, I notice some black residue. What is that and isn't that toxic?

The black residue is completely normal. After the first few times of usage, some bamboo charcoal powder may get out of the tiny holes of the cloth bag. But that shouldn't persist as it absorbs more and more particles, odors, and moisture overtime.

+ It hasn't been 2 years but I feel that my charcoal bags aren't working as they should. What do I do now?

Recharge them for a longer period of time under midday sunlight (both sides). If you've done all of the prescribed steps and you think the charcoal bags are still not working like they should, feel free to contact us at hi@californiahomegoods.com -- we will be more than happy to process a replacement or a refund.

+ Can the bamboo charcoal bags remove accumulated cigarette smoke smells in carpets, couches, and other upholstery?

The bamboo charcoal bags effectively absorb musty odors and cigarette smoke smells. But in some cases, especially when the couch or the carpetting has accumulated those nasty smells for many years, the bags will help but won't be able to remove them entirely. It is still best to have the couch or the carpet cleaned first, and then use the charcoal bags.

+ I use it in the car to prevent accumulation of musty and smoke smells. But if I also use an air freshener, will it also eliminate the nice scent from the freshener?

No. You will still be able to smell the scent of the air freshener even if you use a bamboo charcoal bag inside your car.

+ My charcoal bags arrived moist/wet, are they ruined? Do I need to have them replaced?

Our charcoal bags should arrive dry and ready to absord all the nasty smell in your home. If they arrive with moisture or are soaking wet, please contact us at hi@californiahomegoods.com and we'll be more than happy to process a refund or a replacement free of charge.

+ If I use these inside dresser drawers, closets, or even my shoes, won't these discolor my stuff?

No, they won't discolor other fabrics.

+ I'm disappointed with my purchase, can I get a refund? How?

Your happiness is our top priority! If you're unhappy with your purchase, don't hesitate to reach out to us at hi@californiahomegoods.com.