Makings of the CHG Charcoal Bag

Why Bamboo Charcoal?


Charcoal is widely used as a natural and powerful tool to get rid of unpleasant lingering odors - usually to rid smells of freshly painted walls and refrigerators. But we didn’t choose just any kind of charcoal. California Home Goods only use specially-sourced bamboo charcoal instead of the regular charcoal for it has 10x more surface area (making it less likely to break down easily) and 5x more porous (better and faster absorption rate). Unlike common wood charcoal, its pores have a negative ionic charge that makes it attract odors and excess moisture in the atmosphere more effectively.

More importantly, choosing only bamboo charcoal is very much in line with our mission to provide only eco-friendly and sustainable products. Bamboo is widely planted all throughout Asia where acres and acres of it are planted everyday. And because it only takes less than 5 years of a seedling to fully mature, bamboo will continuously be available for future generations.


The Bag

The simple, sustainable, and incredibly powerful bamboo charcoal is housed in eco-friendly cotton bags that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to match your needs as well as your home’s aesthetic. Best part is, once your bamboo charcoal bag is all used up (about 2 years after first usage), you can still use these cotton linen cloth bags for crafts and other home DIY projects.

Multiple Uses & Applications

Bad odors. Excess moisture. Trapped Allergens. Bacteria. Mold and Mildew. No one wants any of these lurking in their homes. Thank heavens there’s a single solution to all those-- the California Home Goods Air Purifying Charcoal Bags!


Odor Eliminator

Unlike conventional air freshener sprays and plug-ins, the CHG Charcoal Bags are unscented. That instead of merely covering up the unwanted smells with strong fragrances, the bamboo charcoal effectively attracts and absorbs all the nasty odors trapped in the air.

Use them to freshen up common areas and spaces with trapped bad odors like old refrigerators, storage areas, pet homes, shoes & boots, and gym bags, among others.


Air Purifier

With its countless porous holes that have negative ions, the bamboo charcoal inside the cotton bag easily absorbs and traps harmful allergens and toxic substances like formaldehyde, ammonia, cyclodextrin, modified poly dimethicone, hydrogenated castor oil, alkanolamine, citric acid, and many others. Use it to filter the air in your garage, inside your car, in your baby’s room, and more.


Moisture Absorber

With its high density and porous structure, the bamboo charcoal also act as amazing sponges that simply wick all the trapped moisture in the air. By absorbing moisture and reducing humidity, it then effectively prevents growth of mold and mildew.

Use in bathrooms, laundry areas, rice bin, basements, footwear, closets, RVs, and etc.


Allergen Zapper

The activated bamboo charcoal inside each bag works round the clock not only to remove bad odors but also to trap excess dirt and bacteria in the air. By doing just so, all the viruses and disease-causing allergens are trapped inside the bag instead of staying and multiplying in your home.

Place these in your bedroom, family area, kids’ room, refrigerator, or bathroom.


Water Revitalizer

Just like the cotton bag that holds them, you may use the bamboo charcoal for a purpose other than a deodorizer. When submersed, bamboo charcoal also purifies and softens water. Its porous holes also absorb harmful chemicals like chlorine as it releases natural minerals like calcium and sodium into the water.

Many also use bamboo charcoal as an aquarium filter and filter for bathwater and general household (non-drinking) water.


Why Choose California Home Goods

Not all bamboo charcoal bags are created equal-- even the folks at Ezvid Wiki have said so themselves! (hailed as Best Inexpensive Dehumidifier and Top 9 in their 2018 Best RV Dehumidifiers)

So here in California Home Goods, we take pride in the fact that our Air Purifying Charcoal Bags are made, designed, and packaged according to your needs, budgets, and preferences.

Colors & SizeS

To perfectly suit your needs, we made different shapes and sizes of bamboo charcoal bags. From 50-gram to 500-gram bags, you may choose one depending on where and how you’re going to use it. Men and women alike won’t have a hard time choosing the charcoal bag that’ll suit their taste. We have charcoal bags in grey, teal, blue, black, green, brown, floral design, chevron-patterned, rectangular, pyramid-shaped, and more!

Inclusive Hardware

As with your style, your convenience is of utmost importance as well. That is why, we made sure you won’t have a hard time placing the charcoal bags in and around your home. We have air purifying charcoal bags that have metal grommets, hanging tags, handy shape with no holes, and even packs with their own S-hooks!

Bundle Packs

Here at California Home Goods, we take into full consideration your household needs. We want to help you save time, save effort, and save money! That’s why we made sure that no matter how big and small your budget is, there’s a charcoal bag bundle pack just for you. You may buy these amazing air purifying bags in singles and even up to a 14-pack bundle pack.